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About Rado Transport

Years ago,a truck driver was a salt of the earth profession where they invested 40 years behind the wheel. Back then, they drove a company truck and were recognized for years of service. Today, large companies opt out of truck ownership to save money. They contract Owner Operators by the mile and try to out bid one another by a penny or two. Owner Operators switch companies frequently to gain that penny or leave a company feeling they are simply a number. Yes, transportation has changed as large corporations scoop up smaller operations. They put them under one umbrella and streamline, downsize and automate. This has clients in a never-ending series of press one if you’d like this department, press two etc.

Rado Transport Group Ltd was started by an Owner Operator with a vision to build a company based on the two most important parties in transportation: Customers and Owner Operators….A boutique transportation service that will customize to suit your needs.

By implementing profit sharing, everyone takes pride in being part of the company and its direction. Owner Operators keep their wheels turning delivering top notch service, knowing a happy client means steady growth and more loads. Operating with minimal overhead,customers can rely on consistent, personalized service at competitive rates while Owner Operators can earn more than the usual set per mile rate.

Proudly we are bringing ‘service’ back to the forefront. Our professionals have over 30 years experience in the industry and by customizing our service to suit a client’s needs they receive on time deliveries, scheduled updates and service with a personal touch.

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